Rules & Regulations

Aide Memoire for Affilicated Club Members & Chamber Occupants.

Affiliated Club Members should be in possession of a valid Club Membership Card and / or a letter of introduction from their parent Club; which should be presented at the reception desk on arrival. Affiliated Club Members, on arrival, must sign in the guest register kept at the reception. Affiliated Club Members are allowed to use the Club only ten days in a financial year.
Club charges for members of Affiliated Members and Guests of Members as applicable would be levied.

NOTE: Affiliated Club Members and Guests of Members are not permitted to introduce guests.

Dress Code

Members / Affiliated Members and Guest using public rooms of the club shall be suitably attired.

Catering Arrangements

The kitchen is closed between 3. 00 p. m. and 4. 00 p. m. and closes for the day at 11 p.m. Last order for Lunch to be placed by 2.00 p.m and for dinner by 10.00 p.m.
Food for the elderly, infants and those on special diet can be catered to on request.
Consumption of outside food in the club premises is prohibited.
Cooking inside the Club Chambers is not permitted

Pets & Personal Staff.

Pets, personal servants and drivers are not permitted inside the Club or inside the chambers.

Usage of Catering, Bar & other Facilities and settlement of bills

Members and Members Guests: Only on production of the Membership cum Smart Card or a prepaid cash card obtained from the office, members would be permitted to use the facilities of catering, bar and other facilities.
Chamber Charges will be debited to the Members account. The member can also settle the bill by demand draft/cheque payable at Coonoor, credit card or by cash at the times of check out.
Affiliated Club Members: All bills shall be settled either by demand draft payable at Coonoor, or by credit card or by cash, at the office and they shall obtain a duly signed receipt.